Equality, Security and Community (ESC) Survey
WAVE 1, 1999
WAVE 2, 2002-2003

The ESC was a two-wave (longitudinal) national survey conducted in Canada.
The following documents describe one or the other wave of the ESC survey:

Wave 1 (1999)

Wave 1 of the ESC is somewhat better documented and available than Wave 2.

Data from the first wave of the Equality, Security and Community (ESC) survey were provided by the Institute for Social Research, York University. The ESC project was funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), grant number 412-97-0003, Project Director, Dr Jonathan R Kesselman, Public Policy Program, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, British Columbia. The survey component of the ESC study was completed under the direction of Dr. Richard Johnston, UBC. Neither the Institute for Social Research, SSHRC, nor the ESC Research Team are responsible for the analyses and interpretations presented here.

Questionnaire for ESC Wave 1 [PDF], "Easy-to-read" version with latest question wording
Questionnaire for ESC Wave 1 [PDF] more detailed version with SPSS names

The files above, along with the data for ESC Wave 1, are available at the ESC Wave 1 site at the Institute for Social Research at York University.  The data come in SPSS format. Please see the comments there and include the appropriate attribution for any work done using Wave 1 data.
The publicly available SPSS data do not include the postal codes for respondents, although those were recorded and can be linked to this file.

Wave 2 (2002-2003)

Before this page, there was no publicly accessible data or documentation for Wave 2. The documentation does not "yet" exist, and in particular there is no documentation for the calculation of weights.
There is up to now no publicly available linked version of the two waves, even though many respondents were resampled.

ESC Wave 2 variable list [HTML]
Raw listing of variable formats for ESC Wave 2 [raw text]
The data for ESC Wave 2 are available only here and in a raw form (no documentation, no weights) in Stata format.

I have made a linked version of these datasets, so you might contact me if you are using them.

Research using these data

(to be listed...)

-- Christopher Barrington-Leigh, 2008